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Determinants of ultrafine Grinding Yield
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 04, 2017 10:48 pm    Post subject: Determinants of ultrafine Grinding Yield Reply with quote

Production is the most direct and effective embodiment of the value of a device, the yield determines the customer's choice, the appearance of a device no matter how good the price is appropriate, there is no good production capacity is in vain. We must be aware of the importance of production for a device. A Puirui mainly produces ultrafine mill equipment, then the production of milling equipment is what the yield of the determinants of what is it? The key factors that affect the production of ultrafine mill equipment are the following five points.
1, the fineness of the material size: the size of the fineness of the material for the impact of production is very large, the higher the required fineness, the lower the yield of finished products. Therefore, to control the material size, both to meet their own requirements, without affecting the production capacity of equipment.
2, the composition of the material, you want to process what kind of material, because some of the material processing is simple, and some material particles, impurities and more for the production will have an impact, the general input grain size will be higher yield.
3, the hardness of the material itself, the general ultrafine mill can only be processed Mohs hardness of less than 6 substances, material hardness is too large, it will lead to difficult to process, and the work of the equipment caused by wear and tear is also great, over time, Have a greater impact.
4, the material moisture content, the general requirements of the material moisture content of less than 6%, if the water content is too high, the material viscosity increases, the process can easily cause the occurrence of clogging. The impact on the production speed of the equipment.
5, the viscosity of the material itself, and the material and the water content of the large results, are due to strong adhesion of the material, resulting in reduced delivery speed, and ultimately affect the work
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